Motorola Symbol MT2070 barcode scanning software programs increasing the default scanning and input fields from one input field and one scanning field into as many as eight barcode scanning and input fields.
These barcode scanning software programs are designed to fit your immediate needs without having to spend extensive time or money on development.
Overview of available programming options:
  • Addition of multiple barcode scanning/input fields
  • Unique user field prompt names can be assigned to each barcode scanning/input field.
  • Each field can be set up as an Alpha/Numeric or Numeric only barcode scanning field.
  • Minimum and Maximum barcode lengths can be set for each field.
  • Compatible with Symbol MT2070 1D and MT2070 2 D Imager Laser Scanners.
>Note: MT2090 scanners do not come with a pre-licensed version of MCL Client
>The part number is Motorola MCL Client Pocket PC/CE V3.X [ swe-60624-01 ]
  • Free copy of MCL Link Lite PC software installer included.
  • Program Pricing:
MT2070 keyboard view
  Motorola Symbol MT2070 Scanner software programs
MT2000 side view